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The gravel gives to her gait, spiking huffs of gray into the twilight. Bronzed legs buckle under the weight of the duffel bag on her shoulder. Every step marries the tough black canvas to the bruise under her skirt. Bloodied teeth clench behind broken lips in response. The air is cool. Birds sing in the leafless tree on the side of the road, but the world is caught in the groggy hush of dawn breaking and remains still. She bows her head and a mat of paling blond curls falls against the sweat-lined barrier of her brow, over the salty…

Photograph: “Good Mourning, NYC” by Angel Eduardo

“Lemuel, te voy a decir una cosa.

My father pauses, guiding his gold Cadillac DeVille up the ramp towards the George Washington Bridge. I shift my legs in the backseat, absorbing the warmth trapped in the car’s beige leather, waiting for him to continue. Through the window I see the amber glow of apartment buildings dissolving into the cool darkness over the Hudson River. We’re leaving Washington Heights, the Dominican neighborhood where my father has his dental lab, and where we used to live. Our apartment was a tiny one, just above where my father worked. It used to be…

Photograph: “The Distance Between Two Kings” by Angel Eduardo

“Your first two words,” I announced, “are I want.”

I started the timer and watched as the room full of seventh graders scribbled into their notebooks. It was five minutes for them to free write, but also time for me to get my bearings. I had no idea how any of this would go over.

This gig — teaching a ten-day creative writing course at a suburban middle school — was easy to accept back in November. My soul-sucking office temp job, mounting student debt, and dwindling prospects of finding writing work after getting my MFA made it desperate for…

In the fall of 2017, as the football season was beginning and the controversy over taking a knee during the national anthem bubbled back up from the ether, I had a thought:

If you don’t want politics in sports, then eliminating the flag and national anthem — which are inherently political — should be Step One.

If you’re of the opinion that political discourse has no place in our national pastimes, if you really feel those events should be a respite from the divisiveness you can’t escape anywhere else, then fine. I’m even inclined to agree with you — but…

Angel Eduardo

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